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A Good, Spooky Read

The Haunted - Danielle Vega
I don't normally read or watch horror, but I couldn't resist this one, and I'm glad I didn't. A family moves into a creepy house in a small town looking for a clean slate. Hendricks (the main character) not only has to adjust to a new school and new friends but also to a house that may be haunted. (Spoiler alert, it is.) The horror elements were a bit cliche, and you could see some stuff coming from a MILE away. However, it was still enjoyable. The characters were...also kind of cliche. But they were aware they were cliche. And honestly, I still liked them. I really enjoyed Hendricks' internal narration, and the writing is beautiful. The ending could have been handled a bit better, but overall, good, fun read. (But NOT one to be read at night alone!)